Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bard's Birth Day

April 23 - TODAY BEING ST. GEORGE'S DAY is also considered to be the Birth Day of William Shakespeare. (Nobody knows for sure of the bard's exact date of birth.)

If one wonders about the alchemists of that era, and if they would have got a couple of 'immortality' pills of which one was taken by Shakespeare such that he would still be alive at this time, what kind of blogs would he be maintaining..?

Perhaps a blog with the highest hits on the net!

Footnote: Sampling only Technorati may perhaps be a rather narrow view, but looking at their popular index stats available of top 100, the most popular blog as of this moment is - The Huffington Post, closely followed by (my personal preference) TechCrunch. (Well, by including weblinks here, I just contributed one more point to the 'authority' count on Technorati for both.)

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