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Cheers to Life!

7th May, 2011 David Hume’s Tercentenary had been in good attendance. New York Times writes: Saturday [May 7th] is the 300th birthday of David Hume, the most important philosopher ever to write in English according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Hume's philosophy has inspired a significant branch of cognitive and analytics philosophers and thinkers over the last three centuries. His theory of "Problem of Induction" has stirred many debates. Most recently, it has been assumed by Nassim Taleb as one of the core concepts of his "Randomness". Many credit Sir Karl Popper’s comprehensive response to "Problem of Induction" as the penultimate insight into reality of the modern society. See also: Related posts: Cheers to Life! Go here for New Your Times article, and here for WP entry Go here for more philosophical musings at Cognition & Culture, and here for Times Higher Ed feature Recent podcasts: Go here for OpenUniversity, and he