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"Mind The Gap"

"Mind The Gap" THE TRADEMARK PHRASE ASSOCIATED with London Underground. Like many things British, a tourist would rather bear this in mind after a visit to London and its Underground. It's written on the edges of the platform. It's spoken over on the loudspeakers on the stations during rush hours. It's heard even inside the train during the announcements for next station. Other than that, there is a coffee mug given to me as a present by a dear friend in London that proudly proclaims "Mind the Gap". And then there is this lovely black T-shirt that imprints so on your chest. And there are certain other garments also but which I prefer not to use.. As if, the 'gap' is everywhere. Well, this blog that I (hope to) beat around with is not about London, Underground, travel, or anything so related. The title should rather read: Mind, the Gap. But I purposefully dropped the comma in hopes of riding on the popularity that I saw standing ther