Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 in Pictures via The Big Picture at Boston Globe

ONE OF THE MOST REVIVING EXPERIENCE OF THE MONTH was to get the feeds from The Boston Globe's The Big picture compilation for 2008. These high-quality pictures capturing real life events from across the world left many spellbound. Whilst we live in this age of information overdose, and when "sensationalization" by every possible news breaker/baker blunts the senses of amazement in a normal mind, this photo-documentary of the time that we just lived past aroused mixed feelings.

Joys & sorrows, triumphs & trials, trusts & traumas: through these vivid pictures of selected events captured within this three-part series of 40 each, I came to be reminded that we hardly seem to live away from the pairs of opposites.

Following are just a couple of them that I randomly selected without applying any thoughts (for I would want you to enjoy at all of them).

[Kenyan athletes during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Courtesy:]

2008 was here.

Edit: When I came back to this post and looked at the selected picture above (which I said I chose without any particular reason or thinking) I realized that perhaps this was the only picture among the set of 120 that actually glorified Africa. Arguably, peoples of that continent are challenged by more means than one - economically, medically, nutrition-wise, et al - however, after experiencing their living by spending a few months among them, I must mention that against all odds these people exhume Life - the spirit of being alive!
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