Saturday, November 07, 2009

Indian Nodding and TED India

THE FIRST EVER TECHNOLOGY, ENTERTAINMENT, DESIGN (TED) EVENT IN INDIA drew to a close this afternoon at the lavish and state-of-the-art technology campus of Infosys at the Indian city of Mysore - about 120km south of Bangalore. It was an adrenalin pumping experience, and it left so many feeling spent at the end of four days. Absorbing a torrent of ideas condensed in a time-capsule is a demanding event for the creativity centre - glucose consuming frontal cortex of the human brain.

After all, TED may be the new religion. For generation Y + X.

If so, then the 'India nodding' ought to be its spiritual signature. It is almost certain that the closing act would not have left many young Indians amused. Apparently, "Orgasm on the lawn of Infosys campus" and the mocking act of "Indian nodding" in front of the home crowd are not the most popular ideas worth spreading. It helps to have heart though, and pardon the comedian for once; he promises to come back with sensitivity coaching next time...

A few lucky ones got to experience the live streaming directly on the Infosys intranet. However, the outside world had to depend on a rather sorry services of with no late streaming available, and youtube being largely silent on the whole event. (The website now suggests to make the clips available from next weekend.)

[Above: "Indian nodding" from the light comedy film FLAVORS.]

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