Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2k10

Happy New Year!
Welcome 2k10

  1. And, by the way, 2010 = 1+2-(3-4-5)*6*7*8-9
  2. Now that the hype is done and soberness returns, here is an interesting one on new year resolutions at The Economist. Here are some of the most anticipated Hollywood films in 2010.
  3. Here is a nice graphic at NYT capturing the past decade, and here is a text version of 200X’s at Foreign Policy blog (apparently, both with a pinch of 'merican vanity).
  4. Among technology predictions for 2010, here is one on "wisdom of crowd" at CTO blog.
  5. For - There was this plan to do a three-part series on best of Peter Ducker over the holidays. While the first part was almost done around X'mas, turns out there were no holidays after all, and the plans were to be deferred. (Also, see point 2 above)

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  1. (This is rather a test on comments after the new layout).

    What did I like about the embedded image of 2010 is:
    First, it has golden, red and blue - all of which are sober and royal colours.

    Second, the font and iconography - traditional yet lively and inspiring.

    And finally, the indirect reference to a new beginning - the subconscious mind captures the event of pealing off, of shedding the skin, and a new beginning, as in the motif of a new life in many world religions.